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I am Cinthia Moore, and I have deep roots in Assembly District 11. Originally from Jalisco, Mexico, my family moved to the district over 30 years ago in pursuit of the American Dream and led to my father opening up a small business: a carpentry shop. Like so many immigrant families, my mother went into the service industry and worked as a housekeeper for La Concha when we first moved to Las Vegas. As a daughter of immigrants and a first generation latina, I am proud to run for the State Assembly and address the issues that I see affecting our community and as a thirty year resident of East Las Vegas, I am proud to run in the community where I grew up and am now proudly raising my son.

Previously, I coordinated the Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition where I advocate for healthier communities. I have consistently fought for environmental justice because I believe clean air, clean energy, and eliminating pollution from our community will greatly benefit the health of residents of East Las Vegas. I have advocated for environmental justice as part of the Coalition since it first launched in 2019. I have seen firsthand how environmental, economic, and social issues disproportionately affect the residents of AD11, and I am determined to be a steadfast advocate for my community in Carson City.

I am running for Assembly because I believe residents of East Las Vegas have far been overlooked and under-represented in policy decision making.  Nevada is a place of incredible diversity and opportunity, and I want to bring opportunity to the residents of Assembly District 11. As a legislator, I will fight for better schools, better jobs, and better healthcare for all Nevada residents, not just a select few. I’m proud to live in a state that has strong reproductive rights, and I will fight to protect and expand them. Furthermore, I will be a fierce advocate for immigrants and immigrant families making sure everyone has a seat at the table.

Together, we can uplift working families, protect our fundamental freedoms, and improve our schools. I am excited to get to work for the people of Nevada.

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